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The 4-in-1 multi supplement of digestion. Provides Natural Heartburn Relief, Enzyme Support, GI Protection and Probiotic Balance

Praxid contains clinically studied ingredients that provide a 360 degree approach to gut health. Praxid effectively Relieves, Protects, Supports, and balances your digestive system, a crucial component of your overall health.
New and improved extra strength formula. Now Available on Amazon US only.

How Praxid Works


Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate and Potassium Bicarbonate provide fast relief helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with heartburn. In addition, the nutraceuticals d-Limonene and DGL may actually help counteract the unwanted symptoms that arise from the over production of gastric acids.


L-Glutamine and Zinc/L-Carnosine help protect the lining of the GI tract from damage caused by harmful bacteria and acid reflux. They help maintain a beneficial bacterial balance in the stomach & GI Tract and support healing of the gastrointestinal lining.


Probiotics have been shown to assist in balancing and maintaining healthy gut flora. Science has evidence to indicate that regular intake of probiotics may help improve digestive function in addition to boosting the immune system. 


Gingerol and Papain deliver natural digestive support and provide on-going gastrointestinal aid to help reduce digestive discomfort, better digest food and improve nutrient absorption.

The Difference

Heartburn happens when stomach acids escape into the esophagus. Antacids give temporary relief, but blocking useful acids disrupts the digestive process.

PPIs and H2 blockers can cause nutrient malabsorption and kidney failure. Mineral-only based antacids contain only 1 or 2 main ingredients that temporarily relieve heartburn symptoms. Praxid is different. The patented formula contains 10 targeted nutraceuticals to promote overall digestive wellness in order to help reduce gastrointestinal problems and improve digestion over time, plus it provides immediate heartburn relief.

Click here for more information on our 10 targeted nutraceuticals.

Digestive Wellness Made Easy With Praxid – A Natural Supplement


Why Praxid?

  • Patented Formula
  • 10 Targeted Nutraceuticals
  • Convenient Packaging
  • Tastes Great
  • Targets BOTH Overall Digestive Wellness and Heartburn Relief
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners
  • No Harmful Drugs
  • Safe natural alternative to digestive wellness
Digestive System Supplements

Start with a New Approach

Don’t just treat ongoing symptoms with possibly harmful drugs or over-the-counter treatments that offer only temporary relief.  Praxid is a complete, natural and convenient 360-degree solution to make gastrointestinal health and wellness part of your everyday lifestyle. Our formula is a natural wellness alternative to taking damaging, chemically-produced products and drugs that may cause a multitude of health problems. Click here for more information on our 10 targeted nutraceuticals.

Start Feeling Better

A Simple Way to Enjoy Probiotics for Acid Reflux

Many people across the U.S. end up suffering due to heartburn and other symptoms of a digestive system that is not as healthy as it might be. Although some people find that acid reflux or heartburn can be controlled through lifestyle changes, for many others the problem persists despite their best efforts. In such circumstances, supplements for acid reflux may offer a suitable solution.

Natural Supplements for GERD

Unlike traditional anti-acid tablets, which provide only temporary relief and are intended to deal only with the symptoms which heartburn causes, probiotics for heartburn are designed to try and address the root cause of the issue. Our natural acid reflux medication contains ten active ingredients which have been chosen for their therapeutic effects on the digestive system. Suitable for heartburn sufferers and those who simply want to support their digestive health, our digestive system supplements may make a difference.

100% Drug Free Natural Supplements for Acid Reflux

Carefully created from pharmaceutical grade ingredients, our recipe has been carefully formulated to provide optimal benefit. Conveniently packaged for straight-forward dosing when required, our formulation contains no e-numbers, harmful additives or artificial ingredients. Natural extracts and plant-based compounds combine to form natural supplements for heartburn that can deliver impressive improvements. These supplements work not just by treating the symptoms of heartburn or indigestion, but also by gently strengthening and balancing the gut, promoting improved digestive health in the longer term.

Supplements for GERD and Natural Supplements for Digestion

If you are looking for gentle yet effective natural probiotics supplements, our remedies could work really well. Suitable for older adults and people with pre-existing medical conditions, as well as younger folk who are simply tired of putting up with the misery which heartburn brings, our supplements for heartburn are available to purchase now via our straight-forward ordering process. For any questions, call us at (800) 793-2960.

Digestive Wellness Is Important. Did You Know?


5.5% Of The Entire Global Cancer Burden Is Attributed To H. Pylori Infection

> 40

More Than 40 Diseases Are Related To Gastrointestinal Problems


Roughly 70% Of Your Immune System Is Located In The Digestive System


Approx. 4 Million People In The Us Have Active Peptic Ulcers


It Is Estimated That 90% Of Our Body’s Serotonin Is Made In The Digestive Tract


Gastritis Accounts For Approx. 2 Million Doctor’s Office Visits Each Year In The U.S.


Approx. 20% Of The U.S. Population Suffers From Gerd

Quality Matters

 A 100% drug free, all-natural product with NO artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners

What you put in your body matters, so don’t put your health at risk with harmful chemicals found in traditional heartburn relief products. Neoceuticals believes in making an effective and quality product with no drugs or artificial flavors and colors. We take pride that Praxid is manufactured in the USA with the highest quality ingredients in a cGMP-certified and UL MPA FDA-inspected facility. We go above and beyond, randomly having Praxid tested by a third party to ensure you always receive a consistent and high-quality product.

Taking care of your digestive system is vital

Promote your digestive wellness by making Praxid part of your lifestyle.

Success Stories

OMG I totally recommend this product, I am so so so very happy with it. I’ve suffered from heartburn since my early teens, and have tried all sorts of medicines and homemade remedies but they would only provide me with some temporary relief of my symptoms.

Dawn F.

I 100% recommend Praxid! As someone who has Crohn’s disease and ulcerative Colitis and has been taking proton pump inhibitors pretty much since his teens, I can say with little hesitation that I wish I had this product sooner in my life.

Andrew D.

I have suffered from heartburn for over a decade, with more than 8 years on regular prescription of proton pump inhibitors, within 30 days I was fully off my prescrition and have been heartburn free ever since. Prior to using Praxid.

Pascal J.

Praxid was a game changer for me. I was skeptical at first but it started working right away and after using it for 30 days, I didn’t need to use my prescriptions anymore. What a difference! Thanks Praxid!

Zach S.

I am very pleased to have found Praxid! I have been living with a constant daily sour stomach for quite some time and I just couldn’t find a safe and more natural alternative that really works. Getting relief while actually being “good for you” is incredible. A quick testimony to add, one of my favorite things about going to a movie is eating popcorn but with my stomach issues that was just not possible, but recently I was able to eat popcorn with absolutely no problems, praxid really made it possible for me. I would highly recommend this product!!!

Tricia G.

After suffering from gastritis most of my life, I often found myself having to go to the hospital to get relief. They often would prescribe a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors), to help relieve the pain. I actually started taking one a day for several years. I tried changing my diet and avoiding certain foods in order to hopefully stop taking these PPI’s, which I heard, could be very bad for you over a period of time.

A couple of months ago, I found myself in the hospital again, with great pain from the gastritis. A friend recommended that I should start taking Praxid.

I started taking two packets a day for two weeks, then went down to one a day. I also cut down the PPIs to every other day, then eventually one a week and now no more PPI’s.

Now with taking one Praxid a day and eating a normal diet I have not had any problems with the gastritis. I feel great, no pain and no problems.

Michal P.

So yes, I am a single mom, a working mom and I do get to travel, go to functions, cocktails all the time, and before I would worry about, Oh my gosh, what is going to happen to me tonight?

Is my night going to get ruined because I’m going to get heartburn or not?

And the truth is since I started using Praxid, it’s gone. I don’t have to worry about it.

I can go and eat and have a good time and even on the go, go, go, it’s all good.

And the truth is it’s phenomenal


Praxid is awesome and tastes good too.

I’ve been taking Praxid for a little over 2 weeks now and haven’t had any issues with heartburn and I am very excited . I have struggled with stomach ulcers and heartburn most of my life . In the past 5 years I’ve had two children and with my pregnancies my heartburn was bad . And since my last daughter ( now 10 months old ) my heartburn would be often even after the baby . So I was looking for something with natural ingredients and that wasn’t your normal heartburn pill or prescription medicine . Praxid is awesome and it taste good too . I highly recommend this product!

Tessa W

Don’t need proton pump inhibitors anymore l.

I 100% recommend Praxid! As someone who has Crohn’s disease and ulcerative Colitis and has been taking proton pump inhibitors pretty much since his teens, I can say with little hesitation that I wish I had this product sooner in my life. I feel better and for the first time, I actually have not had the need to take my PPI’s.

C. Dominguez

I decided to write a review because of this incredible lifesaver product. I’ve had digestion issues for years. I never would have imagined how well this product would work. It’s safe, no more meds and tastes great. I feel great now and I definitely recommend it.

A. Gomez



I’ve been battling some pretty frustrating digestive problems since summer of last year. My primary care doctor diagnosed me with GERD and had me on a PPI for a couple of months. They didn’t help me and my symptoms seemed to keep getting worse. Eventually I said enough is enough and decided to give Praxid a try after it was recommended to me by someone in a GERD support group. I’ve been taking it daily for about 2 months now and I’m in love! My symptoms have improved drastically and I have no need for a PPI anymore. I went from taking all kinds of pills and antacids every day to a couple of Tums maybe twice a week. It’s been a night and day difference and I truly believe Praxid is the main reason. It tastes great and I love that it’s all-natural. If you’re sick of being on medications and want some relief I highly suggest you give this a try!


So many great natural ingredients. Praxis really got it right. Amazing results. This is the best digestion product I’ve used. Not only heartburn relief, my digestion is better. I also have been sleeping better too! If you have these issues, you must try this product.

Amazon Customer

I used to buy many of these ingredients. Now I’m saving money and time! BTW I no longer have reflux or heartburn. I 100% recommend it.

Amazon Customer

So after 2 years, I finally was able to get off those nasty PPI’s without withdrawals. I love all the ingredients and it’s a lot more complete than anything out there. Don’t waste your time buying anything else, I’ve tried it all. Like the taste. I definitely recommend this product.

Amazon Customer

I have constant heartburn and acid reflux, this product worked fast. I have used Pepcid for years and end up taking twice the dose, only to have unwanted side effects. PRAXID is now my ‘go to’ product for my acid reflux and heartburn. it actually works!


I’ve been suffering from Acid Reflux for over 2 years. I’ve been looking for a healthy and natural alternative that I can use long term that also contains probiotics. Well, Praxid definitely has become my choice! I like the fruity taste, can’t wait to try other versions in the future. I recommend this product to all; it really is a great product!