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In the digestive process, gastric acid helps break down food and essential nutrients so they can be fully absorbed by the body. Maintaining the right acid balance in the stomach is a key element to ensure a proper metabolism.

Some people may experience acid rebound for a short period after they stop the use of acid inhibitors like PPIs andH2 blockers. Individuals suffering from acid rebound can use Praxid to alleviate heartburn and discomfort caused by the acid reflux rebound.

Praxid is a patended product that takes a new, thorough, and revolutionary approach to digestive wellness. Praxid provides Heartburn Relief, GI Protection, Digestive Support and Probiotic Balance. Taking Praxid daily may help achieve relief from gastric discomfort and heartburn, protection of gastric lining and from harmful bacteria, support your digestive process to help better digest food, improve nutrient absorption and balance your intestinal flora by providing good, healthy bacteria.

PRAXID relieves heartburn on contact, giving its users natural heartburn relief upon entering the stomach. *

Praxid’s proprietary formula contains enzymes, probiotics and targeted nutraceuticals to help the stomach break down protein, protect against harmful bacteria, support healthy GI lining and proper acid production and balance to facilitate a healthy digestive process. Our pre-and probiotic blend may improve intestinal functions as well as restore intestinal flora and digestive balance. PRAXID’S unique and revolutionary formulation is the only one available in the market that promotes a full 360-degree approach to digestive wellness without any harmful side effects.

Take 1 to 2 packets per day, preferably 10-20 minutes before meals or as needed for heartburn. We recommend taking 2 packets a day for at least 2 months to achieve best results, then reduce to 1 packet a day to maintain digestive wellness. Do not exceed 3 packets in a 24-hour period. Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a physician before taking any supplements.

Typical OTC products only give you temporary heartburn relief and symptoms tend to come back worse shortly thereafter in addition to having some very serious potential side effects . Praxid’s patent-pending formula helps you achieve long term gastrointestinal wellness. Praxid is not a drug and we cannot directly compare it to OTC medications and prescriptions , but Praxid does offer a natural alternative to aid your GI system and stomach health so you can support you gastrointestinal wellness as a whole. Our 10 targeted nutraceuticals provide an ongoing 360-degree approach: Digestive Support, Stomach and GI Protection, Gastrointestinal Balance and Immediate Heartburn Relief. Praxid does all of this naturally and without harmful side effects.

Just add more water, this will dilute the taste.

Praxid - Safe, Natural, Proven-effective Ingredients
Unlike medications that offer temporary relief but disrupt digestive balance and block absorption of nutrients, Praxid’s 360-degree approach promotes total digestive wellbeing through safe, natural, proven-effective ingredients.
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