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Socially Conscious

Neoceuticals cares. We are committed to making a difference not only in your health, but in our community as well. A portion of our sales is donated to charities to get help where it’s needed most. We believe in contributing to better our community.

Our Pledge

The fact is it that every year, more and more people are quietly suffering with a multitude of gastrointestinal problems. Things are getting worse instead of better, and these numbers are forecast to increase in the coming years.

At Neoceuticals, we believe that these digestive ailments are the result of not one, but numerous, factors combined that affect the digestive system. We also believe in addressing both the symptoms of digestive issues and maintaining overall digestive health.

We created Praxid to help people return to a non-harmful, natural approach for their gastrointestinal wellness and heartburn relief. A natural and safe alternative to aid in maintaining your gastrointestinal health in order to reduce discomfort and complications from an unhealthy digestive system.

Through years of research and study we created Praxid, a completely new 100% drug-free product that tastes great and combines 10 unique targeted high-quality ingredients to give the digestive system the 360-degree balance and protection it needs in order to function properly and effectively.

The causes  of an unhealthy digestive system are many. Among them: poor nutrition, excessive intake of alcohol, chemically processed fatty foods, stress-related problems, and lack of good bacteria or bacterial imbalance in the gut. This is a problem that affects more than 60% of the US population and millions more worldwide.

Praxid does this by first providing heartburn relief, taking care of that unwanted and uncomfortable feeling, and secondly, our unique and targeted nutraceuticals provide ongoing support for the most common issues associated with gastrointestinal problems. They promote a healthy GI system and an optimal gut environment in order to help you maintain your overall gastrointestinal wellness.