A How-To Guide for Cooking a Heart-Burn Friendly Meal
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Guide for Cooking Heart-Burn Friendly Meal

A How-To Guide for Cooking a Heart-Burn Friendly Meal

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to experience heartburn, you’re well aware that the uncomfortable, burning sensation of this digestive issue can be a guaranteed way to ruin a good meal.

A symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn can be caused by everything from tomatoes to alcohol, and can vary depending on the person.So, how can you ensure you can whip a meal to keep everyone feeling heartburn-free? Luckily, the indigestion that leads to heartburn can be easily avoided, if you’re prepared.

To help everyone at your dinner table get along peacefully with their digestive system, we’ve rounded up a few tips on how to prepare and serve a healthy, heartburn-friendly meal that won’t leave your loved onesreaching for the antacids.

Avoid Heartburn-Inducing Foods

From chocolate to citrus, there is a plethora of foods to stay clear from when you’re prone to fits of heartburn.Luckily, there are easy alternatives to combat these common acid reflux trigger foods. Here are a few easy ways to plan for a heartburn-free meal.

  • Swap out your morning or after dinner coffee for mild teas like chamomile and green tea
  • Instead of chocolate-rich desserts like cakes and brownies, finish the meal with fruit-based desserts, such as lemon ice or sherbet
  • Substitute breakfast orange juice for less acidic juices such as apple or pineapple juice

Think Lean

For some, meat can trigger acid reflux because it’s high in proteins, hence harder to digest. Instead of red meat such as beef, pork or lamb, opt for leaner protein such as:

  • Shellfish like crab, lobster, scallops, and shrimp
  • Ground turkey or ground chicken in place of ground beef
  • Plant-based proteins like tofu, soy foods and sprouts

Cut Out the Grease

As delicious as that fried chicken or shrimp is, eating greasy, fatty foods is one of the easiest ways to summon heartburn. Instead of frying your favorite foods, try recipes that include baking, steaming or broiling.

Add Whole Grains to Your Meal

Include whole grains in place of refined grains can make a meal more filling with less fat and fewer calories. Some unrefined grains to add tour meal plan can include:

  • Brown Rice
  • Millet
  • Quinoa
  • Multi-Grain Breads
  • Steel-Cut Oats

Take Your Time

We’re all guilty of inhaling our food like we’re never going to eat again, but to avoid heart burn episodes, some research says how we eat can be as important as what we eat.

Slow down while eating, making sure to chew thoroughly to ensure you don’t overwhelm your digestive system.