Dawn F.

OMG I totally recommend this product, I am so soso very happy with it. I’ve suffered from heartburn since my early teens, and have tried all sorts of medicines and homemade remedies but they would only provide me with some temporary relief of my symptoms.

Andrew D.

I 100% recommend Praxid! As someone who has Crohn’s disease and ulcerative Colitis and has been taking proton pump inhibitors pretty much since his teens, I can say with little hesitation that I wish I had this product sooner in my life.

Pascal J

I have suffered from heartburn for over a decade, with more than 8 years on regular prescription of proton pump inhibitors, within 30 days I was fully off my prescrition and have been heartburn free ever since. Prior to using Praxid,

Zachary Schiffman

Praxid was a game changer for me. I was skeptical at first but it started working right away and after using it for 30 days, I didn't need to use my prescriptions anymore. What a difference! Thanks Praxid!